Museum of art

  Today we went to Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko  museum. It is really interesting with its 4 different rooms. In these rooms you can see examples of different cultures.
  In first room you can see examples which remind Buddism;
      second room – Chinese, Mongolia;
      third room – Japanese
      fourth room – Islamic art!
  You have a chance to visit 4 different cultures in one place!
  And of course, Western room!
  Come! Enjoy!…ImageImage


The most impressive place I’ve ever visited – Holodomor!!!

  Yes, here is the most impressive place! This is memorial of “Famine genocide in Ukraine!” This place is really mysterious. Everything reminds those people who died at that times – 1932-1933.
  If you are in Kyiv you should visit this place! According to the decision of Kyiv Appellation Court, the demographic losses due to the famine amounted to 10 million, with 3.9 million famine deaths, and a 6.1 million birth deficit. How many people! By starvation! Holodomor is the place to immortalize them! ImageImageImageVisit, see, remember! Just respect!

Lavra Monastery!

  Our next place – Lavra Monastery! It’s really good place to go if you are interested in religion or mysterical places!ImageImageImageImage
  Real Spiritual Center of Ukraine and one of the most famous monasteries in all Ukraine. It was founded by monks in 11th century and laid on pictorial Dnieper hills, it became the holly place for all Ortodox Christians. It combines majestic churches build in Byzantine and Baroque style. 

Museum of legend for me!

  I’m really interested in visiting museums or sightseeings. But this museum was completely different and for me it’s the best!  House №13, Museum of Michael Bulgakov! In this museum you can see interesting and different rooms, and believe me, it’ll inspire you like me! Now, you can see pictures from this museum.ImageImageImageImage

Art in the City of Art!!!

  Hey everybody! As you know I’m in Kyiv! And try to explore everything here, even each very small point. Yes, now I called Kyiv CITY of ART! If you are in Kyiv, for sure, you’ll feel, you’ll see part of art everywhere. Because, firstly, there are lots of small shops where they sell traditional souvenirs or examples of art and actually they are not so expensive. Kyiv is really good at this point that can keep its history very well. You can see its historical buildings everywhere. And also museums and exhibitions help Kyiv in this point. But they are not only about history and old times, there are also lots of modern exhibitions and museums here. Now I’ll write about an exhibition which really inspired me. Actually I like paintings, and imagine , if they are not so simple some strange and very interesting! It was just amazing!
  We went to the exhibition – Gapchinska, and I realized that here is best exhibition I’ve been. But here is so small, and only one room. And I was really upset when I learned that it is forbidden to take pictures here. But…actually, I did, I took pictures 😉
Now I’ll share them with you. 
In these pictures you’ll see so sweet girl, with red nose, and mostly with fruits. But try to understand them!
These are my favourites! Just look and enjoy! All pictures tell only one thing – happiness!!!ImageImageImageImageImage

Beloved place – Walk and Enjoy!

  Hello again! As you know we participate in the project – Explore Kyiv by AIESEC Kyiv and we have some daily program and agenda. Yesterday (29.08.2013) we went to Pirogovo. This place is outside of Kyiv and really large and very very beautiful place!
  There are some old and interesting buildings, traditional Ukranian restaurants, and very old church here.
  Firstly we visited an old and very interesting church. You can also buy some traditional souvenirs about Ukrain. Here is interesting for me with its history and architechture.
  Then we walked, there is also a lake and very large green area to walk, and enjoy. After it we went to traditional restaurant to eat something and really liked there. All stuff, including plates, cups everything is traditional, and really warm people. I also want to mention that meals are really delicious and tasty there. I liked it 😉
  After it we went to most interesting place for me. An old Ukranian school. This school includes only one form. And this is only for primary education. Pupils were studied there the Bible, Slavic languages and primary maths. On Saturdays, there is most interesting part, and “most important” part – PUNISHMENT DAY!!! They beated pupils if they don’t study well, but only boys. For girls, punishment was different and not so heavy as boys.
  Another very interesting place, interesting building – Wedding room! Everything is special for wedding there, and all stuff is , of course, traditional and very interesting. Everything reminds happyness, and all these are for groom and bride!
  The last  building we visited called Green Roof. There are lots of traditional souvenirs, paintings and everything that can be traditional gift. And actually prices are really cheap there.
  We spent there some hours and I really liked it. And the mist important point is that we walked there under heavy rain! Yes, we were wet but this weather is another reason to love that day, and to make unforgettable!!! 

Real Club or Hostel?!…

  Hi everybody! This article is mostly about my first impressions about Kyiv aaaanndddd…Read and see 😉
  Firstly, I want to mention that it’s my first time in abroad. And fortunately, it’s in Kyiv! When I arrived at the airport, I understood that, yes, adventures had already started! I was so excited and everything was interesting to me. Everything is new, completely new culture, unknown place and people!
  When I was in Baku, the most interesting and important thing for me was accomodation that where I’ll live?! Will it be ok?! With whom I’ll live?! and lots of questions like these…
  Finally, I learned that I’ll live here! In Real Club Hostel! But I didn’t know what is it? Only heard the name and even didn’t know that I would live in a Club or in a Hostel? 🙂
  And I learned that this is in the center of Kyiv. It’s only 50 metres far from the centeral street – Khreschatyk. There are 3 metro stations near it. It’s really easy to find here, to go everywhere you want.
  So, I came here, I saw that here is hostel…Buuuttt….
  Now let me speak about my hostel…
  Firstly, it’s clean and lighty room. There are 10 beds in our room. (pic 1) Beds are comfortable and we have air conditioner and also balcony. Actually my roommates change day by day, but it’s really good to communicate and live in one room with different people.
  We have good kitchen. Although it is not so large, but it’s good enough to cook your meal or make your tea or coffee and enjoy your meal. (pic 2) There are enough dishes and fridge here. (pic 3)
  If we consider that I’ll live here more than 6 weeks, washing machine is really important to me. ( Though I hate it ) (pic 4)
  About our bathroom…It’s really good and clean and everyday I can have a shower. Always you can find hot water to have a good shower. (pic 5)
  And there is one room that I really like this room. But, unfortunately, here is not my room. Just look… (pic 6)
  There is also free wi-fi connection that it helps me to publish my this article 😉
  So, if you are in Kyiv, and if you are looking for really good and suitable place to live, to sleep-here is the best choice for you!
  Not real, like a dream, not club, not hostel…Just Real Club Hostel!!! ImageImageImageImageImageImage