Chornobyl disaster!- Terrible accident, deep sorrow!

 23rd of September!…We went to the National Museum Chornobyl, whose mission is to help the mankind understand the scope of the disaster through the destinies of thousands of those people who witnessed the accident, participated in the mitigation and suffered from the disaster. The aim is to make people realize the necessary of reconciliation between man, science and technology that endanger the existence of the human civilization and Earth, to conceive the lessons of the tragedy in all the spheres of life, lest the world forget the lessons of Chornobyl. The museum is warning for the new millennia generations.
   The Nuclear accident at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant entered the history of the humankind as the most severe radioecological disaster of the XX century. The after-effects of it have no analogy and differ from another natural or manmade catastrophes. These are still the issues of contemporaneity and, unfortunately, of the generation to come. The National museum “Chornobyl” conveys the history of those tragic-events since the 26th of April, 1992.


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