The State Aviation Museum of Ukraine!

   Our next visit was to the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine. This museum is next to Zhulyany Airport in Kyiv. This is very large open air museum, but unfortunately, weather was too cold when we visited there. 
   The museum offers both aircraft exhibits and also interactive displays. The museum is one of the larger aviation museums displaying Soviet technology.
   The State Aviation Museum is one of the most technically advanced museums in Ukraine, as it does not merely offer fascinating exhibits, but interactive displays. Each division in the museum concentrates on a specific time period within the aviation industry and therefore has a wide variety of aircraft and related memorabilia for visitors to explore. Some of the displays focus solely on historical aircraft such as the MiG Jet collection, the Anatra Anasal (1917-1918) and even helicopters that were used during certain wars.


Funny interest – Toilet Museum :)

   On 24th of September we went to the Toilet Museum. Firstly, I want to say that it was so funny to me when I heard the name of this museum and couldn’t imagine what I’ll see there 😉
   But this museum is really interesting and there is very good guide there. Our guide explain us all history about toilet. And there are lots of interesting facts about toilet in the history. Representative collection of exhibits includes an old wooden prison slop pail, English Victorian water-closet, and Victorian night vase of second half of 19th century, German portable ceramic bidet of the first half of 19th century.
   And also there is a toilet-bowl with a portrait of famous anchorman Anatoly Borsyuk – a very remarkable exhibit!ImageImageImage

Chornobyl disaster!- Terrible accident, deep sorrow!

 23rd of September!…We went to the National Museum Chornobyl, whose mission is to help the mankind understand the scope of the disaster through the destinies of thousands of those people who witnessed the accident, participated in the mitigation and suffered from the disaster. The aim is to make people realize the necessary of reconciliation between man, science and technology that endanger the existence of the human civilization and Earth, to conceive the lessons of the tragedy in all the spheres of life, lest the world forget the lessons of Chornobyl. The museum is warning for the new millennia generations.
   The Nuclear accident at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant entered the history of the humankind as the most severe radioecological disaster of the XX century. The after-effects of it have no analogy and differ from another natural or manmade catastrophes. These are still the issues of contemporaneity and, unfortunately, of the generation to come. The National museum “Chornobyl” conveys the history of those tragic-events since the 26th of April, 1992.

Water! The source of life!

   Yesterday we went to the Water Museum- Water Information Center. 
   This center provides all Kyiv with water and we saw which pipelines they use, and also by which mechanism water comes to flats and to all consumers.
   It was very interesting, because , here you practically see that what is the role of water in our life. And after it you understand that everybody has to save water! Don’t waste even one drop! Water provides us with LIFE!ImageImageImage

Ukranian BeeR! – OBOLON!

   On 18th of September we went to the plant of OBOLON. This is a plant where they produce Ukranian beer and also non-alcohol drinks, juices.
   Firstly, we watched a movie about history of Obolon. After we had an excursion and we saw how they produce beer. This plant is the biggest in Kyiv and also Obolon is in top 3 in Europe with its beer! More than 3500 people work in this plant. And here is really huge and interesting. And also after our excursion they gave us presents 🙂ImageImage 

Ternopil! – small, beautiful, lovely city!

   Our second city was Ternopil! This is small city with its old streets and very beautiful lake and park around it. In the city center you can find lots of monuments and historical church, and square. But my favourite part of Ternopil is the lake. This lake is very beautiful and we spent our time there very well. We rented a boat and after it spent our time in this park and had fun! And there is also cheap restaurant near this lake. Very tasty and cheap!ImageImageImage 

This city says only this: Just LVIV it!

   8th of September…The rainy day in Kyiv…18:30…Last preparetions for our trip!
   Finally, our trip started! We had really good program and we knew that lots of adventures and fun is waiting for us! Aaaaand it started!
   Our first city was Lviv! But after I spend one day in Lviv, I realized that it is not only the first city of our trip, but also the first city of Ukraine! The best city of Ukraine! My favourite city!
   Lviv is really interesting and special with its historical buildings and old streets. When you walk in the street, suddenly you can see very interesting building. It’ll be any old huge church, or just old building. But for sure, it’ll be so beautiful building!
   So, if you are in Ukraine, you should come to Lviv…Not only to see this beautiful city, but also to LVIV it!ImageImageImageImage